Accept Bitcoin payments safe and easy on your Easy Digital Downloads website with GoCoin. With GoCoin, you can make taking Bitcoin and other blockchain currencies as easy as installing a plugin. Make more money by letting all of your customers pay. You receive money deposited to your bank account. Everyone wins!

When a shopper chooses the GoCoin payment method and places their order, they will be redirected to to pay. GoCoin will send a notification to your server which this plugin handles. Then the customer will be redirected to an order summary page.

GoCoin’s Features

No chargebacks and low fees

GoCoin handles all the transactional risk for all the payments from your customers. You don’t have to worry about chargebacks. Every sale is final and we only take a 1% fee. That’s it.

Industry focused

GoCoin is focused on helping merchants in privacy-related niches and specific industries. GoCoin know that Bitcoin is often used as an alternative to credit cards, and we won’t turn our back on merchants who need to use our platform.

Rockstar customer support

GoCoin’s customer support team has been helping merchants accept Bitcoin since 2013. GoCoin will help you integrate. GoCoin know every problem that can happen during a Bitcoin transaction and we will fix it rapidly. You worry about your store, we’ll fix any issues with payment.

Enterprise-grade, boutique size

GoCoin are a boutique payment processor. GoCoin are focused entirely on digital currencies and the merchants who want to accept them. This means we’re a small stable team that is here to stay. This isn’t a startup, it’s our business.

CryptoCurrency Support

This plugin supports all currencies that GoCoin supports

Fiat Currency Support

Your store can be used in with of the available currencies on Easy Digital Downloads.


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  1. Hey Joe, it’s Vic from GoCoin. Reaching out to you for some info and to keep you in the loop of some new changes we will be implementing to our platform. Can you get back to me so that I can connect you with our development team? Thanks