Extend WP Offload Media Lite to work with Easy Digital Downloads.

Why Use EDD Integration Plugin?

By default, all items uploaded by WP Offload Media Lite have their permissions set to public. This is fine for files used by your website. But, when creating a product for your Easy Digital Downloads powered store, you want your file downloads protected. EDD - WP Offload Media Integration will automatically tell WP Offload Media Lite to set your product's files to private.  This will prevent users from accessing the product files unless they have been purchased.

Why not Use EDD'S Amazon S3 Plugin?

Easy Digital Download's Amazon S3 plugin is great! But, there are some short comings with it.

  1. It only uploads files to Amazon S3 for EDD products.
  2. Files uploaded to Amazon S3, by EDD's Amazon S3 plugin, do not get stored in your local media library. This can be a pain for those use Frontend Submissions. Vendors do not have access to the Media Library  menu system that allows them to see the S3 bucket's menu, just the base WP Media Library.

WP Offload Media Lite uploads all files to S3 and provides a link in WP's Media Library list. EDD - WP Offload Media Integration will just ensure that EDD product files are secure and vendors will still see their files in Media Library list.

Why not Use Delicious Brain's paid WP Offload Media plugin?

The base paid version of WP Offload Media comes with several integrations that most EDD users will not need. Additionally, you are limited to 2,000 uploaded to your Media Library per year (for Bronze license at $69). That can add up quickly for sites that have blog posts, site pages, documentation, screenshots, product files, and vendors creating their own products. There are no file upload limits with EDD - WP Offload Media Integration.

Note: Delicious Brain's paid WP Offload Media plugin is great and if you need all of their additional integrations and add-ons, we encourage you to purchase it.