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Extension Settings

  • Account ID – This is the Account ID for your Netbilling account. Follow the steps above to get this.
  • Billing Info – Name to show up on customer’s credit card billing statements.
  • Repeat Billing – Allow customers to securely save their payment information for future purchases.

See the details below for setting up Repeat Billing.

Netbilling Merchant Account – Repeat Billing

By default, Repeat Billing is disabled for Netbilling accounts. Enable it on your Netbilling account from ‘Account Setup’ > ‘Account Management’ > ‘Credit Cards’ > ‘Step 6 – Enable PCI Compliant Repeat Billing, Up-Selling and Cross-Selling’


Netbilling Extension

Once Repeat Billing is enabled for your Netbilling account you need to enable it for the plugin.

Log into your WordPress site and go to ‘Downloads’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Payment Gateways’ > ‘Netbilling ‘, then check the checkbox next to ‘Repeat Billing’ and click save.

  • Site Tag – This can be configured from your Netbilling account and controls which email templates will be used. It also tags the site for accounting purposes if you are using the same merchant account across multiple sites.
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