Netbilling Payment Gateway for Easy Digital Downloads

May 5, 2023

If you're operating an e-commerce website that sells high-risk products or services, you know the importance of finding a reliable payment gateway that can handle your transactions securely. One such payment gateway created by QCTechJunkie that has gained popularity among high-risk merchants is Netbilling's payment gateway. In this article, we'll explore how QCTechJunkie's Netbilling payment gateway can be used with Easy Digital Downloads for high-risk e-commerce websites, and why it's a great solution for businesses in this space.

QCTechJunkie's Netbilling payment gateway offers a range of features that are particularly beneficial for high-risk merchants. One of the most important of these is PCI compliance. PCI compliance is a set of standards created by major credit card companies to ensure that merchants who accept credit card payments are using secure systems to protect their customers' data. Compliance with these standards is mandatory, and failure to comply can result in hefty fines and other penalties.

PCI Compliant Recurring Billing

QCTechJunkie's Netbilling payment gateway is fully PCI compliant, which means that merchants using the service can rest assured that their customers' data is being handled securely. The payment gateway uses advanced security measures like encryption, tokenization, and fraud detection to keep data safe, and all transactions are monitored 24/7 by QCTechJunkie's team of experts.

Another benefit of using QCTechJunkie's Netbilling payment gateway for high-risk e-commerce websites is that it can handle a wide variety of payment types. This includes not just credit and debit cards, but also alternative payment methods like ACH and e-checks. This gives merchants more flexibility in how they accept payments, which can be especially important in the high-risk space where customers may be more hesitant to use traditional payment methods.

Easy Digital Downloads is a popular e-commerce platform that's used by many merchants to sell digital products like software, music, and ebooks. The platform integrates seamlessly with QCTechJunkie's Netbilling payment gateway, making it easy for high-risk merchants to accept payments through the gateway. The integration is straightforward and can be set up in just a few minutes, with no technical expertise required.

One of the standout features of the Easy Digital Downloads integration with QCTechJunkie's Netbilling payment gateway is the ability to offer recurring payments. This is particularly useful for merchants who sell subscription-based products or services, as it allows them to automate the billing process and reduce the risk of late or missed payments. The integration also supports multiple currencies, which can be useful for merchants who sell to customers in different parts of the world.

Easy Digital Downloads Integration

In conclusion, if you're operating a high-risk e-commerce website and need a reliable, secure payment gateway that can handle your transactions, QCTechJunkie's Netbilling payment gateway is an excellent option. With its robust security measures, support for a wide range of payment types, and seamless integration with Easy Digital Downloads, it's a great choice for merchants in this space. So why wait? Sign up for QCTechJunkie's Netbilling payment gateway today and start accepting payments securely and efficiently.

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  • Billed once per year until cancelled

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